3 / 4 Years Funding

Children will qualify for up to 15 hours free childcare each week with effect from the term following a child’s third Birthday, (this refers to the old school terms:  1st September, 1st January & 1st April).

We  offer the Government’s 30 hour funding which is available subject to both parents earning a certain amount each week, or for single parents who earn a certain amount.

Children can access their grant in a combination suitable to their family requirements.  This may mean attending for some mornings, afternoons or all day.   At the beginning of each term you will be asked to sign a form confirming the number of hours your child attends, both at Shaw & Whitley Pre-School and any other settings.

Some three and four year old children may also be entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium if their parents are in receipt of certain benefits.

Please speak to Jo or Amanda if you believe you may be entitled to this extra funding